National Ramp’s Operations Team Celebrates Safety Accomplishment


Tuesday, 3/10 – Today marks 1,000 days (since recording) without a loss of work accident at National Ramp. To celebrate the achievement of our Operations Department, we enjoyed a company lunch at a local restaurant.

“Our Operations team is integral to our company’s success,” said Garth Walker, Managing Director of National Ramp. “They make sure we meet our customer’s supply needs; they quality-control all materials, and prepare our shipments for delivery. And they do this all with professionalism, care, and safety. We could not deliver Freedom Now without their hard work, and we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them.”

We wish to congratulate Quoc Tran, Doug Martinez, Brendan Mullen, Joseph Jean Luis, Angel Meneses, Jorge Ramirez, and Seferino Trujillo on their success as we look forward to the next 1,000 days at National Ramp.