Ramp Survived Flooded Streets During Sandy: National Ramp


In Fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy left extensive damage in its wake as it tore up the East Coast. Many homes, businesses and neighborhoods in Long Island sustained severe water damage due to flooding, including the Long Beach Medical Center. The only part of the building to remain unaffected by the flood waters was the aluminium handicap ramp built by National Ramp. National Ramp has more than ten years of experience in building and perfecting wheelchair and handicap ramps. During that time they have designed and developed ramps that include several unique design aspects, including code compliant mesh and welded cone-mounted handrails. The installation process has also been perfected, taking hours as opposed to days. But even with quick installation, these ramps are safe, strong, and sturdy. They are built to withstand common weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and ice, as well as harsh conditions as proved by Hurricane Sandy’s flood waters.