The Ultimate Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best

,, a provider of medical supplies, rehabilitation products, and healthcare technologies, recently posted a buying guide for wheelchair ramp purchasers. They urge consumers to first think about the handicap ramp’s user, their location and their mobility device before selecting a handicap ramp, detailing how these variables can influence which type of handicap ramp is needed. For example, if you own your home, you may opt for a permanent or semi-permanent handicap ramp (the modular handicap ramps offered by National Ramp are semi-permanent), but if you are renting or constantly on the go, a portable ramp (such as the National Ramp Freedom series) may fit your lifestyle better. The article also includes tips from ramp experts on what they feel is the most important aspect of choosing a ramp. The article is a great summary of the questions consumers should ask themselves to find the ramp that will best work for their lifestyle. If you’ve decided a National Ramp product is best for your needs, you can read more about the different product offerings here.