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Someone Once Said, “Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination.”

This simple statement fittingly describes the story of National Ramp. The first step in our journey began over ten years ago when National Ramp was formed to fulfill a real need in the modular ramp industry. Up until then, consumers had only two choices: a painted steel ramp that rusts easily or solid surface aluminum ramps that can become slippery when wet.

That was before National Ramp invented the Breeze Series™, aluminum open mesh ramp design, which is still our trademark product line today. This proprietary ramp surface has the unique advantages of being maintenance-free and is also the safest ramp surface available. As our journey has progressed, we have seen the need for many improvements along the way. To answer to these needs, we have made significant design changes to the original aluminum ramp, making it easier to install, stronger, and safer.

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Meeting The Challenge

Like any journey, we have also met many great people along the way. These people have been our customers, our teachers, our associates, and our friends. Everyone we have met has helped us to open our eyes and our minds to see the true challenges of our society. One of these challenges was to provide multiple ramp solutions to meet every need, taste, and budget. All too often, we heard from our associates that people who desperately needed their freedom back could not afford a ramp. Or, perhaps they could not get an affordable ramp built in time. We saw many pictures of dangerous ramps built in desperation out of flimsy plywood and photos of ramps that were far too steep to be safe for anyone to use. Unfortunately, we also heard sad stories of people who built their own ramps and had to replace them after someone was injured using a dangerous ramp.

This led us to the realization that we might have to provide alternatives to our unique aluminum ramp. That’s the great part about a journey – you never know what’s around the next corner. So, we took another turn along the road. National Ramp now manufactures several different ramp lines – in aluminum, steel, wood, and rubber. All of these lines are fully modular, but each has its own unique characteristics which provide different benefits and value to anyone looking to regain their freedom.


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Coast To Coast Network

Today, we have a network of National Ramp dealers from coast to coast in the United States and Canada who have benefitted from our unique ramp lines. We have built our inventory levels to thousands of feet of ramping for same day shipping. But, you might ask, how is the journey going? And, we might well ask, how do you define success? In our minds, the answer is clear: we are successful if we can bring freedom back into people’s lives through our unique ramp choices. And that is what we see every day.

So, the greatest success of our journey is to give you your freedom, and, your choice. Thank you for joining us along the way.

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