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Below you will find details on some of our most popular ramp styles. Our aluminum ADA handicap ramps lead the way in terms of popularity, but we are also a proud supplier of steel ramps, wooden ramps and more. A lot of customers rely on our aluminum folding ramps to provide temporary solutions that meet ADA ramp requirements. Others look for our ADA threshold ramps for wheelchairs. Our collection of ADA threshold ramps is perfect for seniors who are looking to age in place.

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At National Ramp, we strive to give you your freedom now with ramp installation as soon as 24 hours after receiving your quote. Whether you’re a caretaker or looking for a personal mobility solution for yourself, our residential wheelchair ramps will supply you or a loved one with independence and flexibility. We provide a variety of handicap ramps for homes to accommodate every need and budget. Choose from our versatile options, including:

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The Breeze Series™

A Wide Breeze Wheelchair Ramp Outside a Home
The Breeze Series™

The Breeze Series™ is an open-mesh aluminum ramp. The open-mesh surface provides two benefits: an industry-leading high-friction surface making Breeze™ safe for all users in all mobility devices, and rain and snow pass through the decking to avoid puddles from collecting on the house ramp.

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The Liberty Series™

Liberty Series Solid-Deck Aluminum Access Ramp at a House
The Liberty Series™

The Liberty Series™ is a solid-deck aluminum ramp. Extruded treads on the ramp surface add extra traction for increased safety. The Liberty™ ramp features continuous handrails and is available in 36” and 48” wide widths.

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The Triumph Series™

Black Steel Mesh Wheelchair Ramp for Residential Home Front Door
The Triumph Series™

The Triumph Series™ is an open-mesh steel ramp. The Triumph™ features a high-traction decking, which also allows for rain and snow to pass through. Compared to other steel ramps offered by competitors, the Triumph ramp is powder-coated (rather than painted) for extra durability.

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The Victory Series™

Wooden Ramp for Wheelchairs at Private Home
The Victory Series™

The Victory Series™ is a wood decking ramp. The Victory™ offers a much quicker turnaround than a custom-built permanent ramp and is composed of pressure-treated Southern Pine to prevent rotting. Spaced to allow for drainage and natural expansion and contraction, the Victory™ will blend in with an existing porch or deck once painted or stained to match.

Now that we’ve done an overview of the four ramp systems, here are some factors to consider when deciding which ramp system is best for your needs.

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We Help You Find The Right Fit

It’s easy for any wheelchair user to maintain mobility throughout their home. If your head is spinning trying to decide between metal ramps or wooden ramps – or you’re wondering what the difference between an aluminum ramp and a threshold ramp is, that’s where we come in. Our experts specialize in learning the indoor and outdoor wheelchair ramp needs of our customers and our modular systems can work as mobile home ramps. We will not only find the perfect porch ramp style for you, but we will deliver those ramps quickly and efficiently. With fast installation, we can install your new ramp within 24 hours of receiving your quote. National Ramp has eight different families of ADA ramps, with countless configurations of the modular ramps.

See below and click on Learn More for the different modular ramp material types or call us today at 877-748-5588. We look forward to assisting you – no matter what type of ramp is perfect for you!

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Gentleman in a wheelchair using a National Ramp wheelchair ramp

Premium ADA Ramp Installation

We offer fast installation services for the majority of our ramp options. With 24 hour installation after processing your quote, National Ramp has the capabilities to restore your freedom within days. Contact us for more information and get a free quote today!

Why Choose National Ramp?

Now that we’ve done an overview of the four ramp systems, here are some factors to consider when deciding which ramp system is best for your needs.

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The Liberty Series™ solid aluminum decking is the most affordable, versatile and best solution for most customers. Please click on the pricing tab for more information. Due to the manufacturing elements required to make the open-mesh decking, the Breeze Series™ aluminum and Triumph Series™ steel ramps are the highest-priced options.

Customers who place high importance on their ramp’s look often choose Triumph™ steel, due to the Tuxedo Black color.

The Breeze ™ and Liberty ™ aluminum ramps can be custom powder-coated for an additional charge if you wish for a different look than natural aluminum.

While all National Ramp product lines are modular, offering flexibility to work with landscape challenges, Breeze™ and Liberty™ offer a few more options to get the most customized layout possible.

Vertical Pickets, 45° turn platforms, and gate and step systems are available for the Breeze™ and Liberty™ systems. Liberty™ is also available as a 48” wide bariatric ramp for users with weight capacity concerns or particularly large mobility devices.

The Victory™ wood ramp also has a compatible gate and step available for purchase.

Customers who live in areas with high amounts of annual precipitation, including snow, are drawn to the Breeze™ and Liberty™ series ramps. The Breeze™ open-mesh design provides easy drainage while the Liberty™ allows for traditional snow removal with salts. The Liberty™ also has textured surfaces for excellent traction. While the decking of the Victory™ wood ramp is spaced to allow drainage, snow can accumulate on the ramp.

The Breeze™ and Liberty™ ramps are maintenance-free and come with lifetime warranties, as aluminum does not rust or corrode.

The steel Triumph™ ramp has a 3-year warranty, and the steel needs to be frequently monitored for any scratches to prevent rusting.

The Victory™ wood ramp requires annual painting and resealing to prevent rotting and decay and does not come with a warranty.

Routine monitoring of the ramp to tighten any loose bolts and check for damage, will help increase the longevity of your ramp. If any elements of your ramp become damaged, call your dealer immediately for a repair.

For those who wish to think about their ramp very little after installation, an aluminum ramp is the best option.

Child and Pet Safety Gates

National Ramp also offers gates for your ramp to maintain safety for you, your children, grandchildren, or pets. Depending on where you want them, we can place these gates at the top or bottom of the ramp. Our staff can even add gates to both areas.

Adding a gate to your ADA ramp can enable you to have peace of mind. Open ramps can be risky for children, especially when they are running. A gate at the top or bottom of the ramp will prevent them from playing on or running down the inclined surface.

This addition can also be beneficial for your pets. The gate helps keep your animal where you want them, whether you’d like for them to stay on the deck or in your yard. This way, they can run free without any restraints or dangers. Additionally, a gate can prevent your pet from constantly running along the finish on your ramp and causing scratches.

For your convenience, you can add gates for our Victory™ wooden ramps at any time. We also provide a step for convenience. Overall, the safety of your loved ones is important to us.

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You deserve comfort, safety and freedom at home. At National Ramp, we pride ourselves on helping you and your loved ones regain and preserve your independence. You’ll enjoy flexibility and mobility in no time thanks to our quick installations, caring team, and vast range of styles and options to accommodate your specific needs and budget. Your ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp could be ready as soon as 24 hours after receiving your quote. Why wait? Give us a call at 877-748-5588 or contact us online to get started!

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