Switchback Ramps

Breeze Series™ Open-Mesh Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp at a Home

What is a Switchback Ramp?

A switchback ramp design is one of the numerous configurations you can choose from. Its ramps alternate at 180-degree turns, allowing you to ascend landings and elevated spaces safely. Whether you’re a caregiver, designer or seeking your own mobility solution, switchback ramps offer the utility, flexibility and safety you need.


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Why Buy Switchback Wheelchair Ramps?

When thinking about ramps, a straight layout may be the first to come to mind, but many spaces call for a smaller ramp. At National Ramp, we strive to accommodate every home and need. Our switchback wheelchair ramps are:

  • Efficient: A wheelchair ramp with a switchback can turn without using more space, letting you maximize your ramping and get where you need to be. This configuration is best for small or tight living areas or places with higher slopes.
  • Versatile: From apartments to private homes, switchback ramps can work in many situations. Choose from multiple lengths and materials like aluminum or steel to suit your requirements or preferences.
  • Universal: Building policies and regulations may vary based on your location. This layout meets all ADA ramp requirements, making it easier to enjoy freedom right away.

Switchback Ramp Features

Any accessibility ramp should offer security, comfort and value. Our switchback ramps come with many life-enhancing perks, such as:

  • Resting points: Safety is paramount when navigating higher or elevated spaces. Switchback ramps have platforms between every gentle slope, giving you the chance to rejuvenate before continuing. This quality makes home access safer for everyone, whether you’re using a wheelchair or transporting furniture.
  • Continuous handrails: Handrails provide a sturdy gripping surface for those who need or want extra support. You can count on your wheelchair ramp’s continuous guardrails to guide you from your door to wherever you want to go.
  • Non-slip surface: You’ll have a reliable accessway in any weather, thanks to our ramps’ high-traction, non-slip surfaces. Our open-mesh aluminum and steel options let precipitation drain through, while our pressure-treated wood style has ample spacing for drainage and natural contraction and expansion.

Choose National Ramp for Quality Switchback Ramps

National Ramp’s mission is to deliver an outstanding customer experience every time. If you need a ramp with a switchback, choose us for:

  • Fast installations: You want to be independent, active and mobile at all times. After submitting an inquiry, we’ll install your ramp as soon as possible — typically within 48 hours!
  • Modular products: As your needs change, our modular ramps can adapt. You can easily install a ramp, alter its configuration, repair damages or remove it at your convenience.
  • Extensive industry experience: With over 30 years of experience, National Ramp has the motivation and expertise to help you live your best life. Our caring experts can walk you through the buying process.

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