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We realize that getting a new ramp for your home can be a confusing thing.  Many times you will have questions about the install or just what size the ramp needs to be. Here we have placed a few questions that get asked from time to time.


For all ramps, use an outdoor broom to clear away any debris. For more detailed cleaning, only use cleaners approved for your ramp’s material.

Commercial Ramps

National Ramp offers the Latitude Series aluminum commercial ramp for all non-residential needs. The Latitude series meets the safety requirements needed for commercial use.

Home Office

National Ramp’s corporate offices are in Valley Cottage, NY, but we work with distributors across the US and Canada and will happily refer you to the dealer closest to your location.


Modular ramps offer many benefits for consumers, from quick installation times to layout flexibility and easy repairs in the event the ramp is damaged. Plus, if the ramp is only needed for a short-term use, like as part of a surgery recovery, it can be removed without lasting impact to the home.

A National Ramp dealer will meet with you for the evaluation, to take measurements of your property and discuss the needs and use for the ramp. The dealer will draw up a layout and provide you with a quote. After approval, an installation date is set.

At National Ramp, we have worked to shorten your wait time as much as possible. National Ramp keeps our inventory in-stock so that it can be shipped the same day you place your order, and some of our dealers keep their warehouses stocked so that an installation date can be as early as the next day, and in some cases even install your ramp the same day!  Configure your ramp today.

We will connect you with a dealer who will check that you have the necessary products to build a safe ramp for your home, and who can safely and securely install the ramp for your use.

Once the ramp is installed, it is your property and you can have it removed and installed elsewhere. We strongly recommend contacting the dealer who installed the original ramp to assess your new home and complete the new installation, to ensure that the new ramp will be safe for use, and to add any needed parts.

Most ramps can be installed and ready for use within a few hours. Only the smallest percentage of very large ramps might take two days for completion.


National Ramp does not rent ramps directly to consumers, but we can connect you to a dealer servicing your area that offers this option.

While a fully accurate cost can only be given once an authorized dealer assesses your property, our Ramp Builder can help you get started to understand the expected costs of your ramp.

Ramp Length

Our dealers are trained to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, determining a safe layout for your home based on your mobility device and your starting and ending locations. An unsafe ramp can be just as dangerous as no ramp at all. For more on the ADA.


No, our modular ramps will not permanently alter your home and can be safely removed from your property once no longer needed.

Most ramps can be removed from a property within a few hours.

National Ramp does not purchase back ramps. Please contact the dealer who installed the ramp for you to see if they will purchase it back. If they do not, we advise contacting local charities who may be able to collect the ramp from you.


If you have an aluminum Ramp, we recommend using a calcium chloride salt substitute, readily available in the winter months wherever ice melts are sold.  For consumers with a Breeze or Triumph ramp, you can sweep the snow through the open mesh surface.  For consumers with a Victory series ramp, avoid using a metal shovel and only use ice melt products approved for wood.


No, the warranty covers installation errors or product defects. Once the ramp is installed, contact your home insurance agent to discuss including the ramp in your policy to protect you from this type of damage.

No, the warranty only covers the original installation.

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