Aluminum Mesh Wheelchair Ramps

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Open-mesh Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

Sturdy & Reliable

When you need a sturdy wheelchair ramp, our Breeze Series™ aluminum mesh design is a great option. Using a wheelchair ramp in front of houses and other residential buildings ensures anyone with a mobility handicap has efficient access to the residence. At National Ramp, we strive to help you live your life again by providing the best wheelchair ramps available to fit your needs.

Our most popular aluminum mesh ramp is safe for everyone to use, whether you move your wheelchair yourself or have assistance.

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Features & Benefits

Aluminum Mesh Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair ramps have many benefits that make them suitable for installation outside of your home. Along with the benefits of their composition, aluminum mesh ramps also provide features that users may appreciate once the installation is complete.

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The open mesh design of the aluminum ramps ensures the surface is clear of water pooling whenever it rains or snows.

Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a durable and maintenance-free choice for outdoor ramps. You’ll see minimal wear and tear using a maintenance-free aluminum ramp, even with everyday usage.

The grated surface of aluminum mesh ramps also has excellent traction, so wheelchairs can move safely without slipping backward or accelerating forward. Whether you roll or walk the ramp, you will feel safe knowing it’s designed as a no-slip surface and provides the best possible traction for users.


The small holes in the ramp’s flooring let snow, water, small debris and more pass through, leaving limited accumulation on the ramp.

If you want to add more safety measures to your ramp, you can order rails that provide additional security for walkers and prevent wheelchairs from rolling off the edge. All modular ramps come with handrails.

Using aluminum as the material for a ramp makes it lightweight and easy to install.

Our aluminum mesh ramp is modular, allowing us flexibility in construction so we can create a layout that works with your property.

Breeze No-Maintenance Wheelchair Ramps

One of National Ramp’s most popular consumer lines, the Breeze Series™, features an open-mesh design, a high-traction walking surface, and 100% maintenance-free aluminum. National Ramp’s aluminum mesh modular ramps restore your freedom with the ease of getting in and out of your home. Our ADA-Compliant, lightweight, no-maintenance solution allows snow and water to pass right through the aluminum mesh surface.

National Ramp’s popular aluminum mesh modular ramp systems feature the safest walking surface in the industry and are an affordable choice for accessibility solutions. Our modular ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your doorstep immediately. If safety concerns have led you to look for a ramp, call National Ramp to learn more about how our Breeze Series™ aluminum mesh ramp is the perfect solution for your security and peace of mind.

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If you or a loved one would benefit from installing an open mesh aluminum ramp outside the home, National Ramp can help. We carry quality, maintenance-free aluminum ramps to help make your home more accessible. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we ensure you receive the best ramp for your needs. We understand the importance of getting a ramp quickly when you need it, so we install our handicap ramps within 48 hours of inquiry to help you achieve greater freedom as soon as possible.

Our affordable aluminum mesh ramps are safe and durable in all kinds of weather, allowing you to live the life you want throughout every season. Are you ready to begin the process of building a new wheelchair ramp at your home? You can trust National Ramp for high-quality accessibility solutions. Feel free to contact us by filling out our online form or call us at 877-748-5588 today!

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