No Obligation In-Home Consultation

The best way to find the right ramp for you is to meet with one of our ramp consultants in your home. Our certified ramp professionals use their extensive training to evaluate your home, your mobility needs and will design the perfect ramp solution, specifically for you.


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You can feel at ease knowing exactly who and what to expect the entire way throughout the process. During this consultation, the ramp professional will go over the following points:

1. Home Assessment & Accurate Measurements

Every home and every person is unique. Our ramp consultant will evaluate your home including the number of steps, position of the steps, slope of the land, topography of the land, entry and exits of the ramp from sidewalks, walkways or driveways and landings and entrances into your home. This is an important part of the process when it comes to providing an accurate estimate and in relation to the ramp style that we recommend for your needs.

2. Safe Ramp Requirements

The ramp consultant will show you the difference between a safe ramp and an unsafe ramp. They will demonstrate how our ramps are ADA compliant, which means that the length of the ramp will be designed to meet the ADA’s safety requirements for your needs. National Ramp will not cut corners or design a ramp that is unsafe or cheaply made just to get the sale. We pride ourselves on providing, recommending and building the safest ramp solutions to help you get your freedom back.

3. Ramp Options

Your ramp consultant will present the ramp options that provide the ideal safety solution for you and your home. This will include the materials used in your ramp as well as the design that meets ADA standards of 1 inch of rise to 1 foot of length of ramp.

4. Custom Ramp Design for Your Needs and Home

They will use all necessary information we determined during the home assessment to design the perfect ramp focusing on length, turns, landings, access points, and most importantly, your safety. Plus, your consultant will make sure that your ramp will visually complement your home nicely.

5. Pricing

After calculating the necessary measurements, ramp components and selecting your ramp style or material, our ramp specialist will review the pricing of your ramp with you. Our ramp specialists are also well-versed in various payment solutions so they’ll discuss options to also fund your ramp project.

6. Proposal & Acceptance

Our ramp consultant will pull together all of the details from our consultation and provide a official proposal for your ramp. If everything looks good and you sign off on your ramp selection, we’ll move forward with scheduling our fast and easy ramp installation.

7. Installation

Your ramp consultant will then fully describe the installation process and show you how our modular ramping systems can be installed professionally, quickly and in many cases – just a day or two.

Safely Enjoy Your Freedom & Mobility

You no longer need to feel confined to certain rooms in your home. Directly after your ramp is installed, it’s time to get your life back and enjoy your Freedom Now. Enjoy your yard again, talk a stroll, check the mail, visit friends and family and more. With freedom on your side, you can enjoy your life again safely and with ease using your new wheelchair or mobility ramp from National Ramp.

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