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Mini Wheelchair Ramp Rubber Non-Slip
A rubber threshold access ramp in front of a doorway
Mini Wheelchair Ramp Rubber Non-Slip
A rubber threshold access ramp in front of a doorway

The Approach SeriesTM

Rubber Threshold Ramps

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Customize your rubber threshold ramp wherever you need it, inside or outside your home, with the Approach Series™. These 42” wide rubber ramps are available in ½”, 1”, 1½”, and 2” heights. For additional heights, extension kits allow you to customize your rubber ramp up to 5” tall. It’s a whole new approach to threshold ramps. These rubber ramps are nearly indestructible for years of supportive access to prevent falls.

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The Approach SeriesTM

Benefits Of Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rubber wheelchair ramps provide the support and safety you need for a comfortable, accessible home. Whether you use them as a standalone solution or in tandem with larger ramps, they’ll help you live life the way you want. National Ramp offers affordable rubber threshold ramps for any home and budget.


Small rubber threshold ramps make navigating your residence a breeze. They’ll help you stay active, mobile and independent for years to come.

You can use rubber ramps for doorways, landings and other small elevations both inside and outside your home. With four height options to choose from, you’ll have a smooth transition at every entry and exit point.

Our rubber doorway ramps are durable and portable. You can count on them for many productive, enjoyable years and to meet your mobility needs even if they change.

Ramps make life easier and safer for everyone. From everyday travel to transporting groceries and equipment, our ramps can transform your home for the better.


Install rubber threshold ramps without adhesives or fasteners, saving you time and money and giving you instant freedom. This seamless installation method also prevents scratches, residue marks and other blemishes.

You can easily adjust or move your ramp anytime. A lightweight ramp also works well as a temporary and reusable option. As your accessibility needs change, your ramp can change with you.

Made of 100% rubber, these ramps give you more independence while protecting your floors. Even if you move them, adhesive-free ramps leave your surfaces as flawless as they were before.

Easy Installation Of Rubber Ramps For Doorways

The Approach™ Rubber Threshold Ramp makes navigating doorways a breeze. Providing a new level of mobility inside or outside the home, these durable allow for a smooth transition at every entry and exit point.

Why Choose National Ramp for Your Rubber Threshold Ramps?

When you need a rubber threshold ramp, National Ramp has you covered. We provide quality accessibility solutions to help people live the life they want. Our rubber threshold ramps are affordable, maintenance-free, safe and durable enough to handle all kinds of weather.

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