Ramp Slope Calculator

When you or someone you know uses a wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp makes moving around the home much easier. At National Ramp, we strive to help you achieve freedom now by providing the best residential ramps on the market. We offer various wheelchair ramp styles that you can have installed at different degrees of slope to help you or a loved one gain independence and flexibility. All of our styles meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standard. Ramps styles such as:

  • Steel ramps
  • Aluminum ramps
  • Wood ramps

Whether you’re looking for a mobility solution for yourself or a loved one, National Ramp has you covered. We use a handicap ramp slope chart to help us provide personalized ramps that accommodate your lifestyle and preferences. Using the chart helps us ensure your wheelchair ramp slope is at the proper height.

What Does a Slope Calculator Do?

A handicap ramp works most efficiently when the incline is set correctly and complies with the ADA construction regulations for ramps. You can use a slope calculator to safely determine the measurements you need to construct a ramp outside your home. A slope calculator will determine the ramp length you need based on the rise and incline requirements.

According to the ADA,the maximum slope of a newly constructed ramp can have a 1:12 pitch, with every inch of a vertical rise requiring at least 1 foot of ramp length. Depending on the information you already have, you could also use a slope calculator to identify the degree of slope for the handicap ramp. When you determine the measurements for a new ramp, you can make customizations with more knowledge about the minimum requirements.

All ramps need careful design considerations to ensure they work appropriately for wheelchair users. The ramp must be accessible, with the incline at a comfortable height so all users can easily travel up and down whether they need assistance or not. The width of the ramp is another critical consideration in ensuring it works for anyone who might need it. Adequate width ensures wheelchairs have enough room to move in and out of buildings easily.

When you use a slope calculator to help you find the optimal slope for a wheelchair ramp, you can ensure you have a ramp that suits your home and mobility needs.

Live the Life You Want With National Ramp

At National Ramp, we have ramps for every need and every home. Our maintenance-free ramps use a modular design that we can install in just a few hours. With numerous designs to choose from, you can enjoy quality construction that’s safe and durable in any kind of weather. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you receive the best ramp for your property.

You can trust National Ramp to help you live your life. Are you ready to start your path to freedom? Call us at 877-748-5588 or fill out our online contact form to learn more!