How Much Does A Ramp Cost?

Estimating Home Access Ramp Pricing

One question we get all the time is “How much does a ramp cost?”. It is important for you to have that information  because we believe in being up front about wheelchair ramp pricing so you can make the best decision for your needs. 

One important thing to think about is not just “How much does a ramp cost?” but, how much does a SAFE ramp cost?  Let’s look at the difference between an unsafe ramp and a safe ramp:

Image 1
Image 2

Here’s a typical house. It has three steps and a platform right in front of the door. Many people think they can put a portable ramp right here (image 1). But look at how steep the slope is. This is entirely unsafe for you, your loved ones,  and your caregivers. 

Looking at this ramp you can see that it’s only about 4 feet long and therefore has a slope of about 20.03 degrees,  which is dangerous and unusable with any mobility device. Plus, it would be impossible to push yourself or a loved one  up this ramp.  

Something like this may be low cost, but that could cost you dearly if you have an accident on it and injure yourself. 

Click the ADA button below to learn more about the ADA compliance guidelines: 

ADA Information

National Ramp follows ADA guidelines to the greatest possible extent. These are tested and proven guidelines from the  ADA that ensure your ramp is safe to use. ADA guidelines require that for every one inch of rise in steps you need 1 foot  of length in your ramp. This is reflected in Image 2 above.

We call this the “one to one rule”. In other words, 1 inch = 1 foot. So, if the distance from your door to the ground is 30  inches, then 30 feet of ramp is needed. 

Please note: level platforms do not count towards the number of feet required for a safe ramp incline. 

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Measure the height at the ramp’s starting location and measure out the distance of the height at a 1:12 ratio.

In this example you will also need a platform at the top in order to turn from the ramp into the house.

This slope makes it easy to navigate up and down the ramp on your own, make the turn safely, and enter the house without any danger. 

Our ramps are constructed of high-quality aluminum, have anti-slip travel surfaces, are wide enough for you to navigate  easily, and have handrails anyone can use with ease. 

As you can see in the closeup above of the non-slip surface, it will keep you from sliding out of control down the ramp if  it’s wet or a little slippery. The surface is also safe for your loved ones and care givers to use. 


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Understand The Costs

Now that you know what it takes to build a safe ramp let’s help you understand what it costs.  

Of course, every ramp is different, and the actual wheelchair ramp cost will depend on your home, the terrain, the length  of the ramp, platforms and other various factors. The best way to get a price quote for your ramp is to have one of our certified dealers come to your house and give you a customized “guaranteed price quote” specifically for you. We have  our certified dealers provide the quote to you, not a salesperson, because the dealers are trained to design the best  safety ramp solution for you at the most economical price, with none of the pressure that comes with talking to a salesperson. 

National Ramp will deliver the highest quality ramp for the best price and it will be a custom designed solution  especially for you and your home. 

Here is a “ballpark estimate” for a well-built, ADA compliant aluminum ramp (with a lifetime warranty) like the one in the photos above. It would cost about $130 to $225 per foot of length. Since this ramp is 17 feet long with a platform, it would cost around $3,600. 

Some people may think that price is higher than they expected. But you cannot put a price on your safety and Freedom. 

We’ve engineered our ramps to be among the safest in the industry. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is worth it. An injury to you or a loved one could be catastrophic. 

National Ramp has been in the ramp business for over 25 years, and our certified dealers have installed tens of  thousands of ramps for people just like you. We want you to enjoy your Freedom Now and live your life to the fullest. 

Call us now and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you to have one of our certified dealers come out and give you an individualized guaranteed price quote

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    Factors That Impact Your Wheelchair Ramp Estimate

    A wheelchair ramp’s price can vary depending on your situation, tastes and needs. Some of these factors include:

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    Estimate Factors

    A longer ramp requires more materials, affecting its overall cost. Your door’s height determines your ramp’s minimum length.

    Some ramp materials are more expensive than others. Wheelchair ramps come in numerous styles, each with its own benefits and price points.

    While material prices are generally static, the cost of hiring an installer varies depending on where you live.

    Your contractor may need to clear obstacles and debris to ensure a proper installation. This additional labor can impact your overall ramp cost.

    Most individuals choose to install a single ramp at the main entry point. However, you may prefer or require ramps for every entrance.

    You may want or need to invest in ramp safety accessories. These additions, which can give you greater peace of mind, may affect the final price.

    Whichever ramp style you choose, you’ll receive a maintenance-free, durable and reliable mobility solution from National Ramp.

    Start the Wheelchair Ramp Installation Process

    At National Ramp, we pride ourselves on offering personalized ramp solutions to accommodate every need and budget. Whatever your preferences and lifestyle, we have an option for you. Choose from our wide range of modular ramps, including:

    We also offer footer pads, anti-slip stair treads and other additional sources of safety and support.

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