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Benefits of 'Journey' Aluminum Threshold Ramps

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Aluminum Threshold Ramp

Our Journey Series ramps provide an easy and safe transition for interior or exterior door thresholds, plus small steps inside and outside the home. National Ramp offers two aluminum threshold series for consumers. The series includes 12 different options to meet your sizing needs. With eight fixed height models from ½ inch to 2 inches and four all-thread adjustable leg models from 1 ½ inches through 6 inches, we have a ramp for every bump. These aluminum step ramps are perfect for small rises anywhere.

After a quick installation, where the ramp is secured to your home, the lightweight threshold ramp will provide years of durable use. With its lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. The maintenance-free aluminum resists rust and is aesthetically pleasing even without paint. This wheelchair threshold ramp can be screwed down or positioned on a Celebration Anti-Slip Mat for greater slip resistance. Scroll down to the video at the bottom of the page to see how quick and easy the Journey Series Threshold installation process is!

These Made-in-the-USA extruded aluminum thresholds have raised treads for extra traction.

Benefits of Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

Whether you’re a caretaker or purchasing a ramp for yourself, you can enjoy our wheelchair threshold ramps’ benefits. Threshold ramps for walkers are:

  • Easy to install: You need to act quickly to be safe in your home. Our threshold and step ramps are easy and quick to install, providing you with instant security, comfort and freedom.
  • Convenient: Our step ramp serves the elderly and those they care about. If you’re a caregiver or family member, you can easily transport equipment, furniture, groceries and other household necessities. Since these ramps are maintenance-free, you can spend less time managing them and more time with your loved ones and living the life you want.
  • Cost-efficient: Door threshold ramps are permanent home modifications. With a single investment, you’ll receive many mobile, independent and enjoyable years. Their durability and utility also ensure excellent cost value.
  • Versatile: You can use step ramps anywhere inside or outside your home. Since they’re available in numerous configurations, you’ll have a single solution for house-wide accessibility.

Door Threshold Ramps Come With Life-Enhancing Features

At National Ramp, it’s our mission to supply you with a secure and reliable way to regain your freedom. That’s why our wheelchair ramps for door thresholds come with numerous safety and quality-of-life features, including:

  • High traction: If you have outdoor steps or thresholds, you need a ramp you can count on all year round. These ramps have high-traction, non-slip surfaces that offer a safe transition in any weather.
  • Customization: With multiple widths, heights and leg models, you can easily personalize your mobility solutions. This flexibility helps you get the most out of each door threshold ramp.
  • High weight capacity: Our threshold ramps for walkers can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. Enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re more than able to handle everyday use and heavier household items.

National Ramp Is Your Source for Threshold and Step Ramps

When buying a ramp, it’s essential to work with a reputable supplier. We pride ourselves on giving you a risk-free experience and instant freedom with:

  • A customer-focused approach: Meeting your needs is our priority. National Ramp simplifies the ramp buying process with a face-to-face, personal experience and end-to-end guidance. We’ll walk you through each step, from selecting your ramp to installing it.
  • Quick installations: You want independence right away, and our service speed will deliver. Our caring team will respond to your request and install your wheelchair threshold ramp quickly. Most ramps will be ready to go within 48 hours of your inquiry.
  • Industry experience: We’ve spent the past 30 years helping clients like you live their best life. You can rely on us for exceptional products, knowledgeable services and a long-lasting solution for your mobility needs.

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You can restore your independence with National Ramp’s Journey Series. We pair our step and threshold ramps with affordable pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you the freedom you want for years to come. If you’re ready for peace of mind and easy navigation throughout your home, call us at 877-748-5588to speak with a Freedom Now Specialist. You can also fill out an online contact form at your convenience.

Video Transcript

How to Install the Journey Adjustable Height Threshold Ramp. Measure the height of your door to determine which adjustable ramp will fit. Select the proper size of the Journey Ramp. They are available in multiple heights.  In this video, we are using the 3-6 inch adjustable ramp. Adjust the height of the ramp by either screwing in the legs or cutting them if necessary. If cutting, be sure to bottom out the locknut, make the cut, and remove the locknut to repair the threads. There are two ways to connect your ramp to your threshold. The first method we are showing is an installation using the Top Transition plate or TTP. Check that the TTP fits at the door then snap it into place. Be careful because this step is not reversible. Secure the threshold to the house with low profile screws through the TTP. The second method we are showing is an installation using “L” brackets. Attach the “L” brackets on both sides of the ramp using a driller screw. Then Screw the ramp into the threshold through the “L” brackets.

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