Aluminum Folding Ramps — Temporary/Portable Designs

Wheelchair ramps make places more accessible for people with disabilities. When a structure lacks an integral ramp, adding a temporary wheelchair ramp can ensure anyone who visits has the ability to access that building. National Ramp strives to help people achieve freedom and independence by providing quality ramps for permanent or temporary installation.

We carry an aluminum folding ramp to help people access places that don’t have this feature. Our aluminum folding ramp is a part of our popular Freedom series.

Aluminum Folding Ramp

The Freedom Folding Ramp is ideal to accommodate visitors or to navigate curbs on the go, National Ramp’s Freedom line of folding wheelchair ramps offers safe passage for elevations up to 6”. These lightweight aluminum folding ramps fold to less than 3” thick for easy storage. Safety features include a textured, anti-slip surface and toe guard. Don’t be afraid of getting around town when you have this foldable wheelchair ramp.

Benefits of Folding Wheelchair Ramps

When venues and institutions are inaccessible to people using mobility assistance, portable wheelchair ramps become an essential accessory. Here are some benefits of owning a temporary wheelchair ramp:

  • Easy entry and exit for cars: Many vehicles can let wheelchair users stay in their wheelchairs while driving or as passengers. A portable wheelchair ramp makes getting in and out of the vehicle more manageable and allows the user more independence since they won’t need assistance from family or friends.
  • Navigate doorways: Sometimes, entryways in houses or commercial buildings have high thresholds that make using a mobility aid difficult. With a temporary wheelchair ramp, you can cover the threshold to let your wheelchair smoothly glide over the ramp and make your way through the door.
  • Access the outdoors: Entering and exiting homes with stairs when using a wheelchair can be challenging. Fortunately, a portable ramp works for stairs. You can put a temporary ramp over stairs to roll down to the driveway or sidewalk whenever you need to leave the house. The ramp offers more access to the outdoors, letting mobility aid users enjoy nature effortlessly.
  • More independence: Wheelchair users gain more freedom when using a portable ramp, as they can use it to access places without the need for assistance. If someone wants to run errands like checking the mail or grocery shopping, a portable ramp can help make it possible.

Folding Wheelchair Ramp Features

Temporary wheelchair ramps often come in several sizes to accommodate specific needs. Our aluminum folding ramp is available in lengths between 2 and 6 feet and includes several features that are ideal for mobility aid users:

  • Continuous rubber hinge: The Freedom aluminum folding ramp has a continuous rubber hinge that helps prevent fingers from getting caught when you fold and unfold the ramp.
  • Easy storage: This ramp design folds to less than 3 inches thick to provide easy storage options.
  • Nonslip: We give the aluminum for the Freedom ramp a textured, nonslip surface to help you safely move up and down its length.
  • Lightweight: Portable ramps are lightweight, making them easy to carry with you.

Why Choose National Ramp for Your Folding Ramps?

When you need a portable wheelchair ramp, National Ramp has you covered. We provide quality accessibility solutions to help people live the life they want. Our aluminum folding ramps are affordable, maintenance-free, safe and durable enough to handle all kinds of weather.

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