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Benefits of 'Victory' Wood Deck Ramps

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If you’re searching for a cost-effective mobility solution, wooden wheelchair ramps are the perfect option. Whether you’re looking for a ramp for yourself or a loved one, National Ramp can install beautiful wooden handicap ramps wherever you need them. A wheelchair ramp makes homes and other spaces more accessible for people with disabilities.

We have a number of wooden wheelchair ramps in our Victory series that could make an excellent addition to your residence.


Made from pressure-treated Southern Pine, the Victory series offers a quality wooden ramp for the cost-conscious consumer. National Ramp’s wood surface modular decking is spaced to allow water to drain through and pressure treated to prevent rotting. This ADA-Compliant modular deck is constructed of premium Southern Yellow Pine to complement the beauty of your home. Plus, the wood deck ramp is easily painted or stained to match an existing structure and extend the life of the wood. With your home’s design in mind, this all-natural, American engineered and manufactured wood surface modular system installs in hours and is in stock today to be at your location fast. This wood ramp is perfect for those who are more accustomed to the look and feel of wood.

Benefits of Wood Deck Ramps

When you’re deciding what type of wheelchair ramp to get, consider the benefits a wood deck ramp can offer:

  • Affordable: Wooden wheelchair ramps are an affordable solution to make a home more accessible. With the proper care, wood can provide a long service life.
  • Customizable: You can customize your wood ramp to reflect your home’s style and add to its curb appeal by applying paint or stain.
  • Quick installation: Our wooden ramps are modular, allowing us to provide several layout options and offer fast installation.
  • Familiar feel: For people who prefer the feel and look of wood appliances around the house, a wooden ramp can maintain that aesthetic.

Wood Deck Ramp Features

A wooden ramp for wheelchairs ensures users can easily access their homes. The features of our wooden wheelchair ramps are designed to offer a high degree of security and convenience. These features include:

  • Continuous handrails: Handrails increase security by providing sturdy support for people walking the ramp. They also help prevent wheelchairs from moving off the edges.
  • Modular design: Our modular installation process allows enough space between the decks to let rain drain away, preventing excess water buildup.
  • Landings: Ensuring the safety and functionality of our designs is essential, so we provide ample space on each landing so wheelchairs and other mobility aids have room to turn.

Why Choose National Ramp for Your Wood Deck Ramp?

For a trusted accessibility solution with a classic wood look, trust the team at National Ramp. We supply the highest-quality wooden ramps and can install them quickly to help you increase your mobility. At National Ramp, we strive to help our customers gain freedom by providing a ramp for every need.

Our ramps are ADA compliant to ensure our customers receive safe, durable designs that work for all their needs. We understand the importance of having ramps outside homes and businesses, so we typically provide installation within 48 hours of inquiry.

When you choose National Ramp, you choose to have freedom now.

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When you’re ready to install a new wooden wheelchair ramp, consider National Ramp. We are here to help you or a loved one begin enjoying freedom again. Contact us today to start the ramp buying process or get more details on our wood handicap ramps by completing our online form or calling us at 877-748-5588.

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