Wheelchair Ramp Calculator

At National Ramp, we pride ourselves on offering personalized ramp solutions to accommodate every need and budget. Whatever your preferences and lifestyle, we have an option for you. Choose from our wide range of modular ramps, including:

  • Aluminum ramps.
  • Wood ramps.
  • Steel ramps.
  • Threshold ramps.

We also offer footer pads, anti-slip stair treads and other additional sources of safety and support.

Get a Quote in Minutes With Our ADA Ramp Calculator

The initial investment for your ramp is a small price to pay for a more mobile and independent future. National Ramp makes it easy to gain comfort and flexibility around the house and on the go. With our wheelchair ramp cost calculator, you can receive a free estimate in just a few clicks. Follow our simple three-step process:

1. Tell Us About Your Needs

You'll answer two short questions about the number of steps you have in front of your door and whether you have a final step to get through it.

2. Receive Your Estimate

Once you answer the questions, you'll get two quotes from our online ramp calculator — a monthly rate for a ramp rental and an estimated purchase price. Both options come with a list of available styles to choose from.

3. Get in Touch With Us

If everything looks good, fill out our contact form to start the ramp installation process. For your convenience, this form is on the same page as the estimated cost. If you have questions or concerns, our friendly professionals are more than happy to help.

Factors That Impact Your Wheelchair Ramp Estimate

A wheelchair ramp's price can vary depending on your situation, tastes and needs. Some of these factors include:

  • Ramp length: A longer ramp requires more materials, affecting its overall cost. Your door's height determines your ramp's minimum length.
  • Construction material: Some ramp materials are more expensive than others. Wheelchair ramps come in numerous styles, each with its own benefits and price points.
  • The cost of hiring a local contractor: While material prices are generally static, the cost of hiring an installer varies depending on where you live.
  • Site preparation: Your contractor may need to clear obstacles and debris to ensure a proper installation. This additional labor can impact your overall ramp cost.
  • How many wheelchair ramps you want to install: Most individuals choose to install a single ramp at the main entry point. However, you may prefer or require ramps for every entrance.
  • Customization: You may want or need to invest in ramp safety accessories. These additions, which can give you greater peace of mind, may affect the final price.

Whichever ramp style you choose, you'll receive a maintenance-free, durable and reliable mobility solution from National Ramp.

Ready to Get an Estimate?

By answering a few simple questions about your needs, the Ramp Builder Estimate will give you an average price for your handicap ramp. With that starting information, your journey towards independence can continue, helping you gain Freedom Now.

Contact National Ramp to Live Your Life Again

Whether you need a wheelchair ramp for yourself or a loved one, National Ramp can meet your needs. We offer personalized, maintenance-free mobility solutions for any home. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, numerous designs and configurations, and quick installations, you can start living your best life as soon as tomorrow. Contact us online or call us at 877-748-5588 today!

Good quality at a fair price.

An aluminum solid decking wheelchair ramp providing access to a stage.
They were very helpful and met my every need on short notice. Well done by all.
North Carolina

An aluminum solid decking ramp installed at the front of a house.
The product looks great, install even quicker than first quoted. Price was fair and payment was easy. I’m very pleased and will recommend.

Thank you very much for setting me up with this install. It was excellent! The product was amazing, very strong and supportive – We were very impressed!

This has been an unmitigated success which has made our life a great deal easier, it is unobtrusive, elegant and very sturdy. Neighbors have been so impressed that they have stopped to photograph and inquire. I am very grateful for your effective and prompt service.

The ramp has been finished and is sooo great. The installation was one day. The staff was personable and put up with my questions and supervision. Lol. Haven't used the ramp yet but I will as soon as the weather permits. Thank you for all the help.

After two days and using the ramp in my garage, I realize how this ramp will help me with my walker. My balance is bad, and with the heart problem I have in the last 30 years, I really needed this worse than I realize. In the last two days, I was able to go to the mailbox; this also gave some exercise I needed, also my wife doesn't have to do it.  I sat and watched the two fellows that did the work installing the ramp; they were really good and knew what they were doing. I am so impressed with the looks of the ramp.

Excellent quality, well-designed modular installation.

Thank you for reaching out and for all your help.  Everything went perfectly!   It was important that we had a quick turnaround and you made it happen.  My brother and I are extremely happy with the ramp.  My Mom is able to safely leave her home without the worry of falling.

I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the National Ramp Product. It went together very well, and I thought it had a lot of strengths compared to other products.
New York

An aluminum solid decking ramp installed at the front of a house.
The service from National Ramp was amazing. Thank you so much for finding someone and answering all my questions.

A black steel ramp coming off of a porch in front of a home.
We love our ramp. It is modern and sleek looking, does not compromise the curb appeal of our home. It functions very well so we can get our son and our guests easily into the home.

They not only showed up on time but they installed the ramp in the rain because it was an emergency. Thanks

J.D. testimonial and ramp
Thank you so much for all your time.  The ramp worked out great.  On schedule and done right the first time.
New Jersey

The ramp has been an enormous help for me to get my husband out of the house and to our car safely for doctor appointments.

Working with the distributor went really well. I got my new ramp installed today, and I am very happy with the service.

National Ramp’s steel ramping system is the best around for power wheelchair users. They don’t allow slipping with the new more powerful chairs.

An aluminum ramp in front of a home.
I would like to thank you on our recent purchase of a handicap ramp. You were very accommodating as to completing the installation in a timely fashion. Your assistance and knowledge of product made this purchase very easy. 
New York

I am very happy with your quality, price and ease of installation.

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