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Bariatric ramps are wheelchair ramps that hold a large weight capacity, offering a safe and comfortable solution for those with broader or heavier mobility devices. National Ramp carries bariatric threshold ramps that let you regain your freedom.

Learn About the Benefits of Bariatric Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

At National Ramp, we pride ourselves on offering accessibility products that benefit the whole family. Caretakers and wheelchair and scooter users alike will enjoy perks such as:

  • Versatility: Bariatric wheelchair ramps have numerous applications, giving you more autonomy and excellent cost value. Use them to navigate doorways, thresholds and more. Combine your bariatric ramp with safety-enhancing accessories for even more independence and security
  • Convenience: Whether you’re a caretaker or mobility device user, a bariatric ramp makes life easier for everyone. These ramps are maintenance-free and simplify daily tasks like transporting groceries and moving furniture and equipment.
  • Ease of use: Knowing you can stay active and independent is exciting, and we want you to experience that feeling right away. Our bariatric threshold ramps are easy to set up with no assembly or special equipment required. Simply place it into position, ensure it’s securely attached to the landing area, and get going!

Explore a Bariatric Ramp’s Features

You need a reliable ramping solution now, and we’re here to deliver. Our bariatric ramp features numerous quality-of-life and safety enhancements, including:

  • High-traction, non-skid surface: Experience smooth everyday travel and peace of mind thanks to this ramp’s non-slip surface. It ensures you can live your best life even in wet weather conditions.
  • Multiple styles: Our bariatric ramps come in Liberty and Journey styles. Enjoy a solid aluminum design and enhanced durability, security, and comfort no matter which mobility device you use.
  • High weight and width capacity: Freedom and independence should be accessible to everyone. Bariatric wheelchair ramps are 48 inches wide and accommodate up to 1,200 pounds, so wheelchair or scooter users can live their life again.

Make National Ramp Your Choice for Bariatric Wheelchair Ramps

National Ramp offers dependable and affordable ramping products for every need and budget. Shop with us to experience our unique benefits:

  • Outstanding customer experience: Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you receive a quick, risk-free experience. When you work with National Ramp, you’ll have access to a tight-knit, face-to-face connection with our local experts. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.
  • Industry experience: We’ve helped countless customers restore and preserve their autonomy over the past three decades. You can count on us for reliable mobility solutions and professional service.
  • Fast response and delivery times: Thanks to our quick service speed, you can start enjoying your freedom right away. We respond promptly and typically ship our products out the same day.

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Life goes on — acting fast can help you keep up! Invest in your independence, comfort, and freedom now with a bariatric wheelchair threshold ramp. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 877-748-5588 or contact us online now!

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