5 Tips for Accessible and Safe Holiday Shopping

Accessible Holiday Shopping for the Disabled - A girl walking with another girl in a wheelchair
December 17, 2021 | Categories: Adaptive Products , Aging In Place , Life In A Wheelchair , Senior Citizens , Spinal Cord Injuries ,

This is sure to be another challenging holiday shopping season, between mail delays, supply chain issues, and regional COVID-19 hotspots. Here are some tips from National Ramp for checking everyone off your list, while staying safe (and accessible!)

  1. Keep Your Freedom Series™ Folding Ramp In Your Car
    Does your favorite downtown gift store have a step for entry? Even if they don’t have a wheelchair ramp, keeping your Freedom Series™ folding ramp in your vehicle will help open up your access across those bumps and thresholds that could otherwise slow you down. Call your National Ramp dealer or call National Ramp.

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  1. Order Ahead
    Many businesses are still offering in-store or curbside pickup for orders placed online or over the phone. This service is often available at both national chains and local mom-and-pop shops. If you want to minimize your exposure to crowds this shopping season, order from the comfort of home, but pick up directly to reduce the chances of shipping delays.
  2. Gift Cards Can Be Thoughtful
    While some believe that a hand-selected gift is more personal than a gift card, there are still many people who would enjoy the flexibility that comes with a gift card more than an item that they may not want or need.
    Instead of a generic bank gift card, think about what your loved one enjoys and needs. Someone recovering from surgery would benefit from a cleaning service. New parents would enjoy a dinner delivery from a local restaurant. A caregiver could use a spa treatment for self-care.
    Taking the time to think about what your loved one would enjoy will always be appreciated!
  3. Order Early for Delivery
    There’s no denying the convenience of placing your orders online, and for some, in-store pickup may not be an option based on transportation and location. If you are ordering for at-home delivery, place your orders as early as possible to guarantee the arrival.
  4. Make a Personal Charitable Donation
    For the person who has it all or enjoys a minimalist lifestyle, a donation in their name to a meaningful charity will be appreciated as a gift that they don’t need to find a place on the shelf for. If you aren’t sure which charities they support, use Charity Navigator or an internet search to find reliable non-profits that align with their interests. You can also give a gift card to an organization like Kiva or Donors Choose, allowing them to direct the funds to a specific person.

Whether you prefer to hit the pavement from your mobility device or shop at home from your pajamas, there are plenty of ways to cross everyone off your list while staying safe!

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