5 Ways to Stay Safe During Reopening

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June 12, 2020 | Categories: Aging In Place , Safety , Senior Citizens ,

While many states are beginning to roll out their reopening plans following the COVID-19 stay-in-place orders, public health officials are urging people to be cautious and stay vigilant to continue preventing the spread of the disease. The concerns to stay healthy are especially urgent for seniors, people with paralysis, and other immunocompromised people.

  1. Limit Your Group Activity

When you are ready to resume visiting friends or hosting loved ones, don’t jump right to an extended family reunion. Keep it to small groups and encourage people to stay home if they are feeling sick or know they have been exposed to the virus.

  1. Wear a Mask

Recent studies found that wearing a mask, in combination with social distancing, is effective at reducing the spread of coronavirus. If you can wear a mask, do so as often as possible, especially indoors.

  1. Stay Outdoors

Outdoor dining and socializing are safer than their indoor counterparts. Not only are some extra sunshine and fresh air good for your spirits, but scientists believe the disease is harder to spread outside.

  1. Pay Attention to Local News

Local trends are different than national ones, and even as the national trend may be going down, you can still be in the middle of a local rising one. Exercise extra caution if it seems like your state numbers are increasing.

  1. Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Talk to your doctor about your risks and any existing complications. If you’re unsure if certain events are a good idea for your conditions and the status of the virus in your area, consult your doctor. You may require a more restrictive plan when reopening than others. While this might be frustrating, you can’t be too cautious, especially when it comes to a disease that can significantly compromise your health.

While the urge to return to life before the quarantine is understandable, there is still a lot that is unknown about the spread of the disease. For those who are considered high-risk for coronavirus complications, National Ramp urges you to take extra precautions to stay healthy.

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