Types of Threshold Ramps and How to Choose One

Types of Threshold Ramps and How to Choose One
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With so many different threshold ramps on the market, selecting the right one can be a tough choice. You want the ramp to be safe and easy to use and made of high-quality materials so it will last while also being affordable to purchase and install. Keep reading to learn how to pick a threshold ramp.

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Types of Threshold Ramps

National Ramp offers several threshold ramp options for all mobility levels and devices. Below are some of the most common types of threshold ramps:

1. Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum ramps are durable and naturally resistant to corrosion. You can order many types of aluminum ramps depending on your household’s specific needs, including:

  • Solid ramps: The maintenance-free Solid Aluminum Ramp is from the Liberty series. It has a non-slip deck surface and is best for those with mobility impairments that limit the ability to enter or exit your residence safely. This type of ramp has a handrail system and a high weight capacity.
  • Folding ramps: The Aluminum Folding Ramp with a continuous rubber hinge is available from the Freedom series. It allows for access to areas without a ramp and is suitable for two steps or less, covering about 15-inch elevations. 
  • Mesh wheelchair ramps: The Aluminum Mesh Wheelchair Ramp has small openings on its surface to allow moisture, dirt and snow to pass through.
  • Threshold ramps: The Aluminum Threshold Ramp is lightweight and highly durable, with non-slip surfaces to provide the most traction as you or your loved one enter or exit a doorway. You can order a custom threshold ramp with the width, height and leg model that would benefit you the most. The maximum weight capacity is 1,000 pounds.
  • Bariatric ramps: The Aluminum Bariatric Wheelchair Ramp holds a high weight capacity of up to 1,200 pounds in consideration of those who require assistance and travel using heavy mobility devices. The width is also a generous 48 inches, making the ramp safe and secure for the widest wheelchairs. This ramp is available in the Liberty and Journey styles.

2. Steel Ramps

The galvanized steel ramps are made with an open-mesh design for maximum safety and support. Steel ramps have the following characteristics:

  • Durable: Steel is a strong, highly durable material. A galvanized steel ramp is low-maintenance and can last for years to come. The ramp also has a powder coating finish to help protect the surface of the metal from corrosion and damage.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Steel ramps are attractive and highly dependable, with a clean finish for a lasting structure.
  • Modular: Steel mesh ramps are modular for maximum flexibility. They are simple and quick to install, and you can easily adjust them.
  • Safe: The surface of the ADA-compliant steel ramps is high-traction, and handrails run their entire length. These features let you and your family have the freedom you deserve as you use your mobility devices.
  • Widely available: Steel mesh ramps are readily available for shipping and usually ship right away after you place an order.
Types of Threshold Ramps

3. Wood Deck Ramps

The Victory series Wood Deck Ramps are ADA-compliant and offer a unique look and feel. Wood is a highly beneficial material as a threshold ramp, which will have the following characteristics:

  • Affordable: Wood is a sustainable, affordable material that also offers an impressive quality to a ramp structure. The ramp looks like it is part of the residence instead of an add-on, and yet Wood Deck Ramps are reasonable in price.
  • Personal: You can have a ramp built from wood customized to match your residence. Use paint or a wood stain to customize your ramp, which can provide aesthetic appeal, making your home look more valuable than before its installation.
  • Secure: The landings are wide to provide ample space for a wheelchair, and the handrails are continuous.
  • Easy to install: Wood ramps are modular, making them quick and simple to install. Wood materials have a good weight, but each piece is lighter than metal.

4. Switchback Ramps

The Switchback Wheelchair Ramp is able to alternate at 180 degrees, making complete turns so you can safely ascend landings. Switchback ramps have a lot of valuable characteristics to offer caregivers and those with disabilities, including:

  • Flexible: A switchback is able to turn without taking up space, so you can move over a threshold and cross to a safe area. If you lack space in your living areas or have to descend a steep slope on your way out of the residence, this type of ramp is a superior choice.
  • Safe: All switchback ramps are ADA-compliant and designed to be safe to use despite their complexity. You can get the most out of a switchback ramp in confined spaces and still have handrails to grip and high-traction surfaces that another type of ramp would come with.
  • Versatile: Switchbacks work for an apartment or a private home, and you can order a custom length that best suits your space. You can also use the material of your choice, including steel and aluminum.
  • Universal: Switchback ramps are designed to meet ADA standards while also allowing plenty of options for customization. 

How to Select the Right Ramp for Your Use

As you consider installing your own residential ramp, you should focus on your personal needs. National Ramp can help you decide on the best type of ramp for your case and install the product at your residence. Installations are quick and reliable with professional assistance, so after you choose the best possible threshold ramp, you can ensure it will work as it is supposed to.

When choosing your threshold ramp, consider:

  • The materials: Steel is the strongest material with the highest weight capacity, but aluminum is also highly durable and resists corrosion naturally.
  • Modular options: If you need to remove your ramp or transport it, a modular option is generally the best choice.
  • Space constraints: Some types of ramps are designed for larger outdoor spaces or to conserve space. The ramp you get should conform to the amount of space available.
  • Safety: All ramp types are built to be safe, but you want to select a ramp that fits your household’s specific circumstances. If you or someone else uses a wheelchair, for example, the ramp needs to be wide enough to accommodate the device, and it should also have a high weight capacity. 
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