Maintaining Your Ramp in the Winter

Maintain Your Wheelchair Ramp in the Snow - Snow on a Breeze Ramp
January 16, 2019 | Categories: About National Ramp , Ramp Care ,

As the season of snow and ice begin to cause problems on roads and sidewalks across the country, your ramp will need care as well.

Ramp care differs with the ramp system you have at your home.

Breeze (Aluminum Mesh) or Triumph (Steel Mesh): Some snow will fall right through the open mesh ramping. For any snow that does accumulate on the ramp, light snow will sweep right off, while heavier snow may sit until it melts. When an extended snowfall is expected, routinely brushing off any snow buildup when it is safe to do so will help keep buildup to a minimum. You may wish to use a liquid de-icer on the mesh ramping and can even pre-treat the ramp with the de-icer prior to a snowfall.

Liberty or Latitude (Aluminum Solid Decking): Sweep snow off with a broom and only use a plastic shovel if needed. A calcium chloride salt substitute is recommended to help melt any ice. Snow mats can also be placed on the ramps which can be easily shaken off to quickly remove slipping hazards from the ramp.  Any salt or de-icer used should be hosed off when safe to do so.

Wood (Victory): It is very important for your ramp to be sealed annually. Be careful to only use wood-safe ice melts, available at hardware stores. Avoid using metal shovels or snow blowers for clearing snow, as these can damage the wood; A leaf blower is a better option for clearing snow off the wood surface.

National Ramp’s Celebration Series Grip Tape can be utilized to help add traction during harsh winter weather and the Reflective Tape can be used to highlight the ramp’s edges to prevent the ramp from being damaged during snow removal.

While heating pads and heat tape are readily available at hardware stores, be sure to thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure those specific items are compatible with your ramp system.

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