National Ramp Dealer Training Program

As part of the National Ramp Dealer Training Program, National Ramp sends an installation technician out in the field with our clients to train them on the best methods for installing ramps. This comprehensive training explains every detail of how our ramps go together, shows the installers the best type of tools to use, and gives them "tricks of the trade" on how to make any ramp work with the existing conditions in the field.

A National Ramp technician recently went out to the Upper Midwest to do installation training with one of our new dealers there. The site conditions were terrible. The ground was frozen solid, there was snow everywhere, and it was a bitterly cold minus -30 degrees! It was so cold that the installers had to get back in the truck every 20 – 30 minutes to just warm up before they could get back to work again.


One of the attached pictures shows how cold it actually was. The furnace exhaust pipe condensation coming out actually froze into a huge pile of ice!

This was not water that froze, but warm air coming out of the home that created this amazing phenomenon.

National Ramp goes above and beyond every day to provide our dealer network with unsurpassed customer support. Whether it's hot or bitterly cold, winter or summer, rain or snow, National Ramp is there to help our dealers sell more ramps!

The other picture attached is a wood ramp display inside a nice warm showroom that our installation technician put together with one of our new dealers in the Southwest.