Disabled Woman Is Delighted With Her New National Ramp

Disabled Woman is Surprised with a Wheelchair Ramp on the News
April 9, 2015 | Categories: FYI ,

After spending five years as a paraplegic, Rosa Gonzales of Bridgeport, Connecticut received a handicapped-accessible ramp on April 3rd. This ramp, provided by National Ramp, will allow Gonzales to access her home more comfortably and successfully. National Ramp teamed up with a nonprofit group called the Needs Clearing House that works with individuals and other charities to help those in need. This has been deemed a miracle for Gonzales, who can now enjoy the benefits of the $8,000 wheelchair ramp.

National Ramp is known for providing the solution and freedom their customers need. They have a variety of ramps to fit every individual’s need and work with customers to achieve the level of accessibility they need for every day life. Gonzales and her 13-year-old son, Joshua, now have a safe environment to live in thanks to National Ramp and Needs Clearing House.

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